DIY PhotoBooth and Free Pokémon Printables – DOLLAR STORE PARTY!


When my 9 year old said she wanted a Pokémon party for her 10th birthday she added – “You better get on Pinterest and find some ideas!” Oh boy. My pinterest projects typically resemble pinterest fails. I decided to focus on what I’m decent at (or at least enjoy!) – photography! And the $1 store Pokémon Go photobooth was born. With the help of these brilliant folks who so generously share their art for FREE with all of us! (God bless you creative people.)

Pokémon Party Free Printables

Pokémon Go Party and Free Printables

Pokémon Printables

25+ Free Pokemon Party Printables 

I got my inspiration from this lovely blogger and her DIY Photo Booth Tutorial. I needed to make this happen on a $1 store budget. And I pretty much did. I used masking tape and a few pushpins to hang three dollar store plastic tablecloths at the bottom of our basement stairs. Folded over, or they are way too see through. I learned this the hard way and then added a fourth tablecloth at the bottom which ended up being a nice touch with some added color. Once I was confident that the tablecloths were as good as they were gonna get, I started decorating. All of my decorations were from the dollar store or printed out from the links above (FOR FREE!). Pink pom poms, a happy birthday banner, Pokémon Go balls and a Pikachu banner. Tons of scotch tape. I like to think it turned out pretty darn well. The kid was happy and the party guests at least pretended to be impressed! 😉

For the props, I found the Pokémon Trainer hat at Party America for around $3. The birthday party hat, flamingo glasses, assorted props on sticks – ALL FROM DOLLAR TREE. Yesssssss. I did get one pack o’ props on sticks from Target for under $5. That was my largest purchase for the photobooth. I zoomed way in with my Nikon DSLR, did a very small amount of cropping and editing of the pics after the guests left and voila. They turned out amazing – I probably have my gorgeous models to thank for that. The “likes” and “loves” – emojis and comments – pretty much broke my Facebook for two days straight. So worth it.

I printed out some Pokémon Go balls to color (see links above), purchased 2 packs of color your own birthday crowns from Target ($3 each) and setup a paint/craft station at the kitchen table. Huge hit! The kids even made their own Pokémon Trading Cards.


(Plastic water dishes, paint, glue, pom poms, ALL FROM DOLLAR TREE.)

Delicious and CHEAP cake from WalMart – I opted for two double layer round cakes with different Pokémon designs to make it a little more exciting than just 1 sheet cake.


My little girl was so happy and I was pretty proud, I am not the creative mom who makes everything look good and easy. No no. Just no. Here is a terrible cell phone picture of the PhotoBooth upon completion. I hope you will make one for your next party, have all the fun and make all the memories!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Psssst… I sell on Etsy.



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