The Jetty Cats

I had heard about the jetty cats, a population of mostly feral cats  living in the rocks along the San Diego River. The whole feral cat thing has always really bothered me, I’m a huge kitty lover and it’s hard for me to imagine my cuddly lap cats not having a warm bed and a food bowl that they (noisily) demand to be kept full. My cats are inside kitties except for the occasional opportunity to explore the backyard with supervision. Is it unnatural to keep them kept indoors? Is it cruel? I see a lot of outdoor kitties that seem very happy, well-loved, that come and go as they please through a cat door. I also see worried owners post on neighborhood facebook groups asking us to keep an eye out for their beloved felines who haven’t been home in a few days. It’s a hard one. So when I first heard about the jetty cats, I was incredibly perturbed. I had big plans to visit, feed, see if they were all actually “feral.” Or if maybe they needed homes. I never saw these jetty cats, out of sight, out of mind, lazy human. Kinda just forgot about them. Until yesterday morning when I was up early, walking along Dog Beach and the San Diego River. And I spot this black kitty…casually following a seagull. I started snapping away, I felt like a wildlife photographer, my own little episode of animal planet, ready to capture the kitty and birdy scuffle. I figured the cat would strike, the seagull would fly away, and the kitty would lay down and stretch out, pretending like nothing happened. Instead…this happened. Kitty stalks…getting closer…and closer..seagull stops..they meet right in the middle…continue walking..NOTHING HAPPENED. It was like, “Oh hey, bob.” And then. “Mornin, Tom.” It was cute. It made me happy. I imagined they live together peacefully and might even know each other. Still made me kinda sad to think about a bunch of homeless kitties who don’t know the joys of love and affection and what it’s like to OWN a human. I posted the pictures below on a facebook group for Ocean Beach “OB” lovers. And I found out that these kitties do have some good humans that they own. Humans that feed them (and their skunk and raccoon friends!!), make sure they are spayed and neutered and receive medical attention when needed. Another reminder that there are so many good, kindhearted people on this planet. Check out their facebook page and their awesome videos of the jetty cats, here. If you are a cat lady like me and have a few bucks to spare, please consider reaching out to this group and donate!!!! They have done great work and I’m sure it can be costly. Seriously check out the videos.


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