Blanche’s Story

Blanche is a pretty blonde senior girl with a chunky butt, who really lives up to her name. A little high maintenance, this girl likes to snuggle and prefers her kibble in can form. Heated. She’s a doll and totally worth it. We don’t know much about Blanche’s background but we can’t wait to see her have a wonderful future. Her foster mom tells us she’s around 8 years old and was living at the Chula Vista dog shelter. Sadly, she was found covered in ticks and had no tags or microchip. She is housebroken, does great with other dogs and gets very excited for car rides. It won’t be hard to love her and you’ll be hooked when you hear her dainty little wolf howl. Blanche, we don’t know where you came from but we know you’re going somewhere rad. Hopefully your new family will put on the Golden Girls from time to time. #Rags2Riches



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