Ellie’s Story

Ellie is a bad ass bitch. She has a lot of street cred and she will cut you. Ellie learned at a young age that creeps carry walking sticks and wear big backpacks. The puppy of a transient troll, she found herself malnourished and suffering from parasites on the streets of OB. One day, a young lady who had been watching her from her apartment above, had had enough. When the troll left her unsupervised, she swooped her up and took her home. Yes, she stole her. Sometime’s two wrongs do make a right.

A doctor returned home from a trip to find this sweet beast on his couch. He fell in love with her and found himself a first time dog owner. As luck would have it, he lived just two blocks from Dog Beach, the happiest place on Earth. The transient troll saw this doctor walking his dog one day and said, hey! That’s my dog. The doctor said, “I’m a doctor..I swore an oath… You’re not getting her back, bucko.”  Pretty sure I made up the part about the oath. Whatever.  But he did explain to him that he couldn’t have her back, he wouldn’t allow his girl to be mistreated again. Now Ellie spends her days asleep on the couch, at the dog park with her dad and best friend or watching the sun come up with her woofpack on dog beach. Welcome home Ellie, you’re a perfect dog. #Rags2Riches



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