Gypsy at the Pier

Ocean Beach is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. A small town feel with an enormous amount of diversity. Some days I love it…some days I want to have a grown up size kitchen again. In perfect moments, I’ve reveling in the beauty of the ocean and the locals and the succulents. So many succulents. Succulents in toilets. Succulents in bathtubs. Succulents in tiny pots. It is really hard to kill a succulent. I once passed a tiny succulent ripped up at the root, all dried out, every single day, for a week. The last day I passed it, I couldn’t believe that it still looked alive. Enough was enough, I took that little sucker home and stuck it in some dirt. And I’ve been watching it regenerate ever since. Sometimes I feel like OB is for the lost souls, that feel like they might die but don’t want to quit. So many characters here. I love this city.  This man had just rolled in from the desert. I asked him where he was from…”Well…I’m a Gypsy. So I’m from nowhere.” I felt a little creepy doing it but I couldn’t help but start snapping away. I knew it would make for a cool print. When I got home I reveled in his stance, the way he stared at the ocean, the same way I do. And that little star that looked crisp and cool, attached to his cloak.

A wizard? A warlock? I don’t know. Does he believe in the same God I pray to? Not sure. But he seemed pretty fuckin’ cool.

8×20 Gypsy at the Pier Mounted Print


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